Dig My Mood


The Impossible Bird revitalized Nick Lowe’s career, finding him in a rare moment of reflection and focus, resulting in one of the very best records of his career. Its follow-up, Dig My Mood, doesn’t reach the same peaks, but it matches the same high standard, offering 12 songs with no filler or novelties. The dark, torchy opener, “Faithless Lover,” may come as a bit of a surprise, especially since it’s followed a song later by “You Inspire Me,” another torch number, this time in the vein of k.d. lang. These two songs actually are a good indicator of the tone of Dig My Mood, since the country-rock that dominated The Impossible Bird actually fades into the background over the course of the album, popping up most directly on the funny Johnny Cash homage “Man That I’ve Become” and “I Must Be Getting Over You.” The rest of the record is a skillful, laid-back hybrid of torchy pop, R&B, and country that is subtle in its execution. Lowe’s voice is in the forefront, but it’s gentle and unassuming, blending perfectly with the guitars, pianos, and accordions. His songs are quietly ambitious, exploring new territory lyrically and musically, without leaving his signature style. As always, his taste in covers is impeccable, finding Henry McCullough’s little-known “Failed Christian” and the wonderful, overlooked Ivory Joe Hunter gem “The Cold Grey Light of Dawn.” They are the final, irresistible grace notes to an album that finds Lowe at his best.

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